• We assess your risk based on your past claims costs or experience with us. If you are a new customer, we assess your risk based on the past claims costs of other companies with similar business activities. We put your business in a group of similar businesses called an Industry Classification
  • Your WCB Premium is based on a combination of the risk of potential injury costs at your workplace and the risk at similar workplaces.

Learn more about Industry Performance.

Each industry classification is assigned a risk category that is based on their cost of injuries compared to the system average. The average is a baseline – we use it to set rates for each classification group.

Your industry classification and its risk category are shown on the Rate Statement you receive each year from the WCB. You can also use the links below to view industry classifications and find your industry’s risk category.

Sector 1 – Agriculture and Forestry

Sector 2 – Mines, Quarries and Oil Wells

Sector 3 – Manufacturing

Sector 4 – Construction

Sector 5 – Transportation, Communications and Storage

Sector 6 – Trade

Sector 7 – Service

Sector 8 – Public Administration

Sector 9 - Optional Coverage