The following list contains the password rules for the Claims Online System:

  • Use unusual passwords. Never use familiar names such as the names of your children or the name of your company as passwords. WCB's Web Security Policy makes the following points about password properties:
  1. Your initial password will be a randomly generated, 6-character password.
  2. You must change this initial password the first time you log on to the system.
  • The following table describes the rules for subsequent passwords:


Your password...

Your password cannot...

Must be between 6 and 16 characters in length and must be different from the previous 4 passwords you have used for this system.

Be equal to patterns consisting of 6 keys in a row on the keyboard (e.g., qwerty, asdfgh, etc.) or their capitalizations or shift representations.

Can be of mixed case (e.g., A and a) and can contain special characters (not including spaces).

Contain more than 3 identical consecutive characters in any position from the previous password.

Must contain a combination of at least two alphabetic, numeric, or special characters (e.g. 12345a, pswd#r, etc.).

Contain more than 2 consecutive identical characters.

Be of license plate number or postal code format.


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