Healthcare Services
Role of Healthcare Management Services42.10
Elective Surgical Procedures42.10.10
Medical Review Panels42.10.70
Convening a Medical Review Panel42.10.70.20
Clinical Examinations42.20.10
Out-of-Province Referrals for Clinical Examinations42.20.20
Independent Medical Examinations42.20.20.10
Medical Reports42.20.30
Neuroaugmentative Devices42.20.40
Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational Rehabilitation43.00
Functional Impairment Awards43.10.30
Rehabilitation for Spouses or Common-Law Partners of Deceased Workers43.10.50
Preventive Vocational Rehabilitation43.10.60
Return to Work with the Accident Employer43.20.25
Adjudication and Compensation
Arising Out of and in the Course of Employment44.05
General Premises44.05.20
Adjudication of Psychological Injuries44.05.30
Pre Existing Conditions44.10.20.10
Shoulder Dislocations44.10.20.40
Recurring Effects of Injuries and Illness (Recurrences) (Effective Jan 1/06 for decisions on or after Jan 1/92)
Recurring Effects of Injuries and Illnesses (Recurrences) Decisions Post January 1, 202044.10.20.70
Recurring Effects of Injuries and Illnesses (Recurrences) Decisions Made Between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 201944.
Drunkenness and Intoxication44.10.30.10
Serious and Wilful Misconduct44.10.30.30
Co-operation and Mitigation in Recovery44.10.30.60
Transportation Controlled by Employer44.10.50.10
Travelling on the Job44.10.50.50
Special Assignment Coverage44.10.50.60
Accidents Occurring in Lunchrooms44.10.60.40
Public Interest Emergency Actions44.10.70.50
Further Injuries Subsequent to a Compensable Injury44.10.80.40
Occupational Disease
Laryngeal Cancer44.20.30.60
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss44.20.50.20
Hearing Loss (for claims arising from accidents on or after April 1, 2000 and a Date of Notification prior to October 1, 2013)
Hearing Loss (for claims arising from accidents between May 29, 1985 and March 31, 2000 inclusive)
Gastrointestinal Cancer44.20.65
Wage Loss
Notice of Change in Benefits or Services44.30.60
Minimum Awards for Permanent Impairments44.60.10
Date of Retirement44.60.20
Date of Retirement (Effective Jan 1/01 - Dec 31/05)
Special Additional Compensation44.60.30
Advance Compensation44.80.10
Average Earnings44.80.10.10
Net Average Earnings44.80.10.40
Net Average Earnings (Effective Jan 1/01-Dec 31/05)
Net Average Earnings (Effective Jul 1/92 - Dec 31/00)
Establishing Post-Accident Earning Capacity44.80.30.10
Post Accident Earnings: Collateral Benefits (Allowable Employer Top-Up) (Effective Jan 1/95-Dec 31/05)
Post-Accident Earnings: Collateral Benefits (Unallowable Employer Top-Up)
Post Accident Earnings - Deemed Earning Capacity44.80.30.20
Prospective Earnings Apprentices and Youthful Workers44.80.30.30
Determining Average Earnings for Declared Workers44.80.30.35
Statutory Holidays44.80.60
Wage Loss Supplements: Second Accident44.80.80
Wage Loss Benefits: Temporary Partial Disability44.80.80.10
Loss of Earning Capacity Reviews44.80.80.20
Other Entitlements
Permanent Impairment Rating44.90.10
Interest Rates44.100
Lump Sum Commutations44.100.10
Spousal or Common Law Partner Options: Undue Hardship Cases44.110.55
Non Resident Dependants44.110.90
Medical Aid
Medical Aid44.120.10
Opioid Medication44.120.20
Support for Daily Living44.120.30
Supports for Daily Living (Effective Oct 1/00 - Feb 28/14)