How to complete fillable forms

To begin entering data: Place your cursor in the field in which you wish to begin and left mouse click to anchor the cursor. Begin typing the information in the field. If you are unable to enter information in a particular field, it is likely that the form was programmed to receive a numerical response in that particular location. Dates must be entered numerically as DD MM YYYY.

To navigate the fields: Use the TAB key to move to the next blank field or left mouse click your cursor into the field in which you wish to enter information. If you miss or need to change a field, use your SHIFT/TAB keys simultaneously to move back to that space and make your change or left mouse click in the appropriate field.

To print the form: You can print the form from FILE, PRINT menu and print as you would any other document. If you have fax software available, you may be able to select the software as your printer in order to fax the page.

Things to watch for:

  • If the cursor disappears, just left mouse click in the field you would like to be in.
  • Printing Tip: Some of the forms have text or graphics quite close to the edge of the paper. If your printer is cutting off information, try printing at a reduced size or use "shrink to fit" or "fit to page" in the print dialogue box.

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Employer Hearing Loss Report

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This resource is also available in the following languages: French

Employer Incident Report

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Functional Abilities Forms

Many workplaces have developed their own unique Functional Abilities Forms for workers to bring to their healthcare providers. The form provides an avenue for healthcare professionals to outline the worker's abilities and prognosis. This can provide the employer with information to clarify the workers functional capabilities and assist in the development of a Return to Work plan for small businesses, or Return to Work programs for medium to large businesses.

Healthcare providers typically request a fee to complete Functional Abilities Forms. If your company has developed this type of form it is important that you also budget to pay for the completion of these forms and communicate the process to the worker. If an employer is requesting completion of a form then it is the employer's responsibility to pay the healthcare provider for completion of the form. Failure to address this issue may become a barrier to having the form completed and returned.

The employee should be provided with directions to bring the completed form to you right after the medical appointment (before the next available shift) so modified duties can start at that time. This is then an opportunity to further clarify modified duties, work hours, and any other question the employee may have.

These documents should be printed double sided so the directions are not separated from the form.

This resource is also available in French

This resource is also available in French 

Rapport de l'employeur au sujet de l'incident

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