Report Payroll

Find information and forms to report your annual payroll to the WCB.

Assessable Payroll1997

Assessment Schedule For Contract Labour FAQ1997

Register my Business

Get information about applying for workers compensation insurance for your business.

Alternative Assessment Procedure FAQ1997

Production Companies1997

Starting a Business Brochure1997

Coverage & Benefits

Learn about the coverage and benefits offered by workers compensation insurance.

Apprentices - Wage Loss Benefits1997

Average Earnings FAQ1997

Back to Basics Guide1997

Online Services

Get how-to guides for WCB’s Online Services, including Clearances and Incident Reporting. 

Claims Online Guide1997

Online Clearances Guide1997

Online Incident Reporting Guide1997

Appeal a Decision

You can appeal the WCB's decisions related to injury claims and business assessment rates.

Appeal Commission Brochure1997

Benefits and Services for Injured Workers1997

Claims Suppression Brochure1997


Get information about the WCB’s privacy policy.

Accessing Your Information Brochure1997

WCB Worker Handbook1997

Healthcare Forms

Get forms to submit medical reports to the WCB as a healthcare provider.

Blank Opioid Treatment Agreement1997

Chiropractor First Report1997

Chiropractor Progress Report1997

Healthcare Billing

Get forms to submit invoices to the WCB as a healthcare provider.

Billing the WCB for Healthcare Services1997

Chiropractor Billing Form1997

Direct Deposit Form1997

Return to Work Project

Read about workplace innovation projects to improve return to work funded by the WCB’s Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP).

Clinical Decision Support Tools for Selecting Interventions for Patients with Disabling Musculoskeletal Disorders1997

Return to Work Research

Read about return to work research funded by the WCB’s Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP).

Employment and Knee Replacement Surgery1997