Corporate Info

Find information about and from the WCB, including annual reports and public awareness campaigns.

Report an Injury

Get information and forms for reporting workplace injuries to the WCB.

Injury Recovery

Find resources to help you or your workers recover from an injury.

Return to Work

Learn about how returning to work can help your recovery and your workplace.


Learn about workers’ and employers’ responsibilities in the workers compensation system.

Premiums & Rates

Learn about how WCB premiums and rates are determined.

Report Payroll

Find information and forms to report your annual payroll to the WCB.

Pay my Premium

Get forms and information to pay your WCB premium.

Register my Business

Get information about applying for workers compensation insurance for your business.

Coverage & Benefits

Learn about the coverage and benefits offered by workers compensation insurance.

Online Services

Get how-to guides for WCB’s Online Services, including Clearances and Incident Reporting. 

Appeal a Decision

You can appeal the WCB's decisions related to injury claims and business assessment rates.

Injury Prevention

Find information about preventing injuries and illnesses at work.