Return to Work Program Services

WCB Return to Work Program Services is a group of experts who offer free consultation services to help create or improve your Return to Work Program. An effective Return to Work Program can:

  • Reduce WCB premiums
  • Improve morale
  • Retain skilled employees
  • Increase productivity.


Our Services

The Return to Work Program Services team:

Improve Business Performance and Reduce Costs

The most effective way to reduce your WCB costs is to improve health and safety at your workplace and strengthen your return to work programs – and we partner with SAFE Work Manitoba to promote and help you achieve these ideals.  

Preventing workplace injuries is the single most effective way to protect workers and control your workers compensation costs. Investing in workplace safety and health – whether in dollars or time – is well worth it because of the injuries and illnesses prevented and lives saved.

Return to Work Training

If you would like to learn more about how to develop a Return to Work Plan, we offer a free one-day training workshop called Return to Work Basics
In this training, you will learn:
  • how to help workers recover faster and better by returning to work
  • how to save money by creating a Return to Work Plan that can reduce your WCB and extended health coverage costs
  • how to maintain productivity to stay more competitive in your industry

How to Make a Return to Work Plan the Best It Can Be

Workers are most satisfied when the worker and employer design the injured worker's Return to Work Plan together. 

Working with the injured worker and the WCB to develop modified duties gives value to the employer, helps the injured worker stay connected to their workplace and start their recovery. 

This can include changes to a worker's regular duties to allow them to continue their duties while they recover, or different duties that are safe for the worker to do while they recover.


Return to Work for Small Businesses

When someone is hurt at work, employers and workers alike feel the impact. 

The best way to protect your business against workplace injuries is to emphasize safety and prevention. 

However, if a worker does get injured, it is important that you keep them involved in the company and connected to their workplace to ensure a healthy return to work as soon as possible.


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