WCB Return to Work Award – 2019 Manitoba Business Awards

On Friday, October 25, 2019, the WCB awarded the organization's second annual Return to Work Award as part of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce' Manitoba Business Awards ceremony at the Victoria Inn Hotel. Presented and judged by the WCB, the award is given each fall to the Manitoba business that has developed the most outstanding Return to Work program. All applicants are evaluated based on their ability to develop a culture of Return to Work in their organization with



Clinical Decision Support Tools for Selecting Interventions for Patients with Disabling Musculoskeletal Disorders

Front-line employees in healthcare and workers compensation frequently make challenging decisions about the most appropriate treatments for injured workers to


Research and Workplace Innovation Projects

After consulting with its constituent groups, the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba developed and implemented the Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP) in 2009.

Each year, RWIP makes available $1 million to fund high-quality scientific research and programs that develop, implement or evaluate innovative, practical, shop-floor solutions for improving workplace health and safety.

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