My Contact Person is Changing

Did you know that you can add additional authorized contacts to your employer account at any time? 

When you first registered your employer account with the WCB, the person registering it was automatically listed as your authorized contact. Your authorized contact has access to your WCB information, and can make changes to your account information.

Production Companies

Workers compensation coverage is available for everyone associated with a video production company. Production companies are required to purchase WCB coverage for all of their workers. You may also purchase coverage for entertainers (anyone who works in front of the camera) and independent contractors.

WCB coverage provides benefits for people who are hurt at work and protects you from lawsuits in the event of an injury.

Employers of Apprentices

If your business is in a mandatory industry and you have an apprenticeship agreement, your apprentices are included in your workers compensation coverage.

Apprentices are included in your coverage whether they are participating in on-the-job training or in-school technical training. In either case, you are considered the employer of record and all costs associated with a claim are applied to your firm’s experience.

What are My Workers' Rights and Responsibilities

The workers compensation system is a group effort. Workers’ rights are employers’ responsibilities and employers’ rights are workers’ responsibilities.

Workers Have the Right To:

  • get medical care from the doctor or healthcare provider of their choice after an injury on the job
  • report their injury to the WCB
  • appeal the WCB’s decision on their claim if they don’t agree.



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