How do I determine the labour portion of a contract when hiring deemed workers and defaulting subcontractors?

For calculation examples, labour percentage and rates, refer to the 2011 Assessment Rates.  For more information, refer to the Coverage for Contract Labour fact sheet.

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I am Hiring a Contractor

If you are hiring a contractor to do work for your business, it is your responsibility as an employer to make sure that the contractor has WCB coverage – either classified under their own business or under yours.

I am Hiring Out-of-Province Workers

If you are hiring out-of-province workers to complete a job located in Manitoba, you need to make sure that they have WCB coverage.

You are responsible for ensuring coverage is in place for all your workers and contractors. If your contractors are not registered with the WCB, coverage becomes your responsibility.

Learn more about applying for WCB coverage for out-of-province workers.

Learn more about WCB coverage for contractors.

Guide aux Services de Soutien et aux Ressources Communautaires

Guide aux Services de Soutien et aux Ressources Communautaires
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Production Companies

Workers compensation coverage is available for everyone associated with a video production company. Production companies are required to purchase WCB coverage for all of their workers. You may also purchase coverage for entertainers (anyone who works in front of the camera) and independent contractors.

WCB coverage provides benefits for people who are hurt at work and protects you from lawsuits in the event of an injury.


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