2020 Surplus Distribution FAQ

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) maintains a reserve fund to protect employers and workers while ensuring a stable workers compensation system. This reserve fund is currently higher than the target set in our funding policy. As a result, in May of 2020, we are distributing surplus funds to employers, whose premiums fund the workers compensation system.

Xcalibur Group

The WCB requested specific business records from the firm as part of an investigation or audit of the firm's compliance with the Act. The firm failed to provide these records and was subsequently served with an order to produce those records. The employer failed to comply with the order. As a result, the firm is no longer in good standing with the WCB and cannot obtain a clearance certificate until the order is satisfied.

Elder, Ben

The worker failed to notify to the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba that they had returned to work on Friday, May 17, 2019 while in receipt of wage loss benefits contrary to s. 19(4) of The Workers Compensation Act.


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